Success Stories

TG Elekto

Since TG knew that UniStream and UniCloud provide good operational regularity, it was a no-brainer to also offer the same to its customer, Aase Gartneri, a cucumber grower

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Machine builders and OEMs can take advantage of the tools that are provided by Unicloud to enable data harvesting and reporting that may be required to comply with ESG, while using the same data to drive efficiency and increase production.

Location, telemetry, remote access, the ability to identify the current machine owner/operator, and then to collect, analyze, and sort data according to owner/operator all led CAMS to embed UniCloud IIoT into all product lines of their mobile crushing and recycling plants.

Smolsys - Unitronics success story

UniCloud allows Smolsys to easily track sensitive and potentially hazardous data, present visible data graphically on dashboards for their staff, alert staff and enable them to rapidly intervene as required

Energrow utilizes Unitronics’ Unistream PLC controllers for the main operation interface of its machines and UniCloud. The integration of UniCloud, a powerful no-code industrial IoT platform, has been instrumental in helping Energrow overcome various challenges and achieve its goals.

Girhsa and UniCloud

GIRHSA uses Unitronics UniStream PLCs for plant control and the UniCloud IIoT platform to lower maintenance costs, continuously optimize plant performance and water quality

“Big Brewery” technology re-designed for small breweries – DALUM manufactures CO2 recovery units that enable craft breweries to capture and re-use CO2 emissions, eliminating the need to purchase the CO2 required for the brewing process – for greener production at lower costs.

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