Industrial IoT Cloud Platform

UniCloud is a complete, no-code IIoT Cloud Platform specifically designed for the OEM and Machine Builder. End-to-end, scalable and secure, UniCloud enables you to easily build customized Dashboards and use them to harvest, analyze, and leverage data to boost efficiency, trouble-shoot problems, and implement preventative maintenance—reducing your management overhead and leaving you time to grow your business.

You do not need programming or cloud development skills in order to commission and deploy UniCloud—you can benefit from IIoT services; increase your revenues, and save on costs without relying on programmers and cloud professional staff.

Business Benefits

UniCloud enables you, the Machine Manufacturer, to take advantage of IIoT technology to improve your business performance, increase productivity and efficiency, and reduce operational costs, slowdowns, and failures.

Add IIoT Capabilities

Extend your machines with IIoT functionality with cloud services, use dashboards to monitor performance and analyze by comparing performance from “multiple” machines using data collected centrally.


Your own, fully customized Dashboards enable you to view data using graphs, tables,
and maps, to determine and monitor KPIs
of one, or of a group,
of machines.

Business Intelligence

Utilize the built-in BI functionality to learn and compare machines performance, on a global basis, in selected geography or by specific customer.

Increase Sales

Exploit collected data
to generate sales opportunities and offer your customers additional services, complementary products, and consumables derived from machines’ processes.

Reduce Cost

Access your machines securely from anywhere. Save time and cost by addressing problems and eliminating downtime.

Extend Your Reach

Centralize management of your Machines, PLCs, Customers, Distributors and Employees. Assign permissions and dashboards based on your business needs. Control machines and data flow—centrally.

The Only PLC With No Cloud Monthly Subscription Fee

UniStream ‘Cloud’ series PLCs are an industry first: a PLC with built-in, no-cost cloud services.

Each UniStream Cloud PLC is supplied with
a pre-paid 5-year Start-up Subscription plan-there is no monthly subscription fee.

You simply connect the PLC to UniCloud, design a no-code dashboard aided by the built-in setup assistant, and go Live.

If you need more—you can always upgrade your UniStream ‘Cloud’ to one of the other plans.

Either way, you enjoy free, secured Remote Access with up to 1 GB of monthly traffic.

Rapid Commissioning

Whether you are a total newbie with zero expertise in industrial Cloud solutions, or an experienced pro, you will be able get up and running with UniCloud within 30 minutes.

Yes, 30 minutes—UniCloud was designed to do all the heavy lifting for you. We invite you to try it for free—no credit card required.

Full Cloud Integration with Unitronics PLCs

UniCloud was designed by Unitronics to allow transparent integration with Unitronics PLCs; our powerful easily programmed controllers are the heart of Unitronics One Solution for Automation—PLCs, HMIs, I/O, VFDs, Servos and Motors.

Go LIVE – Under 30 Minutes

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