The Complete, No-Code IIoT Cloud Platform
for OEMs and Machine Builders

Raise Efficiency

Boost your bottom line using built-in data analysis tools

Under 30 Minutes

Fully integrate IIoT into your solution

Fast Commissioning

UniCloud commissioning:
No-code, hassle-free setup

New PLC -
No Monthly Fee

UniStream PLC Cloud Series -
The only PLC with embedded, built-in Cloud

UniCloud: The Machine Builders' Smooth,
Pain-Free Entry, Into The World of IIoT

End-to-end, scalable, and secure, the UniCloud platform enables you to easily build customized Dashboards—no Cloud expertise needed. You can harvest, analyze, and leverage PLC application data to boost efficiency, trouble-shoot problems, implement preventative maintenance—to reduce your management overhead, leaving you time to grow your business.

Go Live! Under 30 Minutes

Fully Integrate IIoT Into Your Solution

Unicloud Up and Running in minutes

The Complete, No-Code IIoT Cloud Platform for OEMs
and Machine Builders

The power is in your hands

  • Create multi-lingual Dashboards, drag & drop, no code needed
  • Dashboards are fully customizable—branding via logo and colors
  • Users—create and assign Roles and personalized Dashboards
  • Machines—access, monitor, and trouble-shoot securely
  • Manage operational data for performance analysis
  • No Cloud expertise required. UniCloud has it all—built-in Cloud infrastructure, interfaces, and functionality
  • Fully Secure
Unitronics Configure Architecture with UniCloud

Raise Efficiency to Boost Your Bottom Line- Built-in Data Analysis Tools

Integrate IIoT capabilities—harvest
key data

  • Determine KPIs (Key Performance Indications) using centralized and aggregated data
  • Monitor and improve process reliability
  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs
  • Predict failures
  • Minimize unplanned slowdowns and shutdowns
  • Generate revenue: analyze data to locate sales opportunities for complementary products, consumables, and services

UniStream PLC Cloud Series

The only PLC with embedded built-in cloud
without monthly subscription fee

No monthly fee or any additional purchase of hardware and software is needed- connect and go!

UniStream PLC Cloud Series

UniCloud Commissioning:
No-code, Hassle-free Setup

Get up and running within 30 minutes

  • No-code means no need for programming, IT knowledge,
    or Cloud expertise
  • UniCloud has it all—built-in cloud infrastructure, interfaces, and functionality
  • Setup and commission your system via a simple drag & drop interface
  • UniCloud Platform is SaaS—no need to install software components, database management services, or hardware
  • Build your own dashboards, fast and easy–display data your way—customize data display with UniCloud’s Wizards
  • Fully and seamlessly integrated with Unitronics PLCs

Go LIVE – Under 30 Minutes