The Complete, No-Code IIoT Cloud Platform
for OEMs and Machine Builders

Raise Efficiency

Boost your bottom line using built-in data analysis tools

Under 30 Minutes

Fully integrate IIoT into your solution

Fast Commissioning

UniCloud commissioning:
No-code, hassle-free setup

New PLC -
No Monthly Fee

UniStream PLC Cloud Series -
The only PLC with embedded, built-in Cloud


UniCloud: The Machine Builders' Smooth,
Pain-Free Entry, Into The World of IIoT

End-to-end, scalable, and secure, the UniCloud platform enables you to easily build customized Dashboards—no Cloud expertise needed. You can harvest, analyze, and leverage PLC application data to boost efficiency, trouble-shoot problems, implement preventative maintenance—to reduce your management overhead, leaving you time to grow your business.

Go Live! Under 30 Minutes

Fully Integrate IIoT Into Your Solution

The Complete, No-Code IIoT Cloud Platform for OEMs
and Machine Builders

The power is in your hands

  • Create multi-lingual Dashboards, drag & drop, no code needed
  • Dashboards are fully customizable—branding via logo and colors
  • Users—create and assign Roles and personalized Dashboards
  • Machines—access, monitor, and trouble-shoot securely
  • Manage operational data for performance analysis
  • No Cloud expertise required. UniCloud has it all—built-in Cloud infrastructure, interfaces, and functionality
  • Fully Secure

Raise Efficiency to Boost Your Bottom Line- Built-in Data Analysis Tools

Integrate IIoT capabilities—harvest
key data

  • Determine KPIs (Key Performance Indications) using centralized and aggregated data
  • Monitor and improve process reliability
  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs
  • Predict failures
  • Minimize unplanned slowdowns and shutdowns
  • Generate revenue: analyze data to locate sales opportunities for complementary products, consumables, and services

UniStream PLC Cloud Series

The only PLC with embedded built-in cloud
without monthly subscription fee

No monthly fee or any additional purchase of hardware and software is needed- connect and go!

UniCloud Commissioning:
No-code, Hassle-free Setup

Get up and running within 30 minutes

  • No-code means no need for programming, IT knowledge,
    or Cloud expertise
  • UniCloud has it all—built-in cloud infrastructure, interfaces, and functionality
  • Setup and commission your system via a simple drag & drop interface
  • UniCloud Platform is SaaS—no need to install software components, database management services, or hardware
  • Build your own dashboards, fast and easy–display data your way—customize data display with UniCloud’s Wizards
  • Fully and seamlessly integrated with Unitronics PLCs

Go LIVE – Under 30 Minutes