Update Asset Value Widgets Overview


When you use Switch and/or Update Asset widgets in your dashboard, you enable your dashboard users to directly update the PLC.
Unitronics will not be liable for any damage or consequence that is caused by the user's actions.


Update Asset and Switch widgets enable a dashboard user to directly access a controller and modify tag values, writing the new values to the controller memory

Note that in order for these widgets to access a specific controller, the Dashboard must contain one or more additional widgets, where Filter by ID is enabled. When the Dashboard is filtered for an Asset, the widget will connect to that asset’s PLC and access the tags defined in the widget, via secure UniCloud.

The next image shows an Update widget, next to a VNC widget of the same controller. The end user can 'toggle' the Switch button off and on, enter a temperature, write a display message, and set a time and date, then press update to write the values to the controller.