UniStream: Creating and Connecting Assets

Before you can start using a UniStream controller with UniCloud, you need to take the following actions:

In UniLogic:

In UniApps:

The Asset type, along with the tags and alarms, are part of the UniLogic project, and may be downloaded to any number of PLCs. This means you can, for example, use a UniCloud dashboard to manage a series of machines spread over multiple locations.

Enabling your UniLogic Project for UniCloud

Before you Begin: Prerequisites

1.      Configure the PLC's IP address, default gateway and DNS Server.

2.      Enable VNC.


Enable your project for UniCloud


3.      In the Solution Explorer, click UniCloud, and then click to enable UniCloud integration.

If you have a UniCloud Account, skip to How to Create an Asset Type.
If you do not have an account, create one according to the steps below.


  1. To create your UniCloud account, click Create Organization.

  2. Enter the account administrator's email address as the Main Contact and click Next.

  3. Enter the Organization's details and click Create Organization.

  4. After you click Create Organization, UniLogic asks you to confirm the email sent to the Main Contact address.

  5. Return to UniLogic and click the Log in button on the ribbon. Use the credentials of your new organization.

You have now created an Organization and logged into your UniCloud account.

Creating a UniStream Asset Type

An Asset Type comprises the tags and alarms that you define as accessible by UniCloud

  1. Click Create Asset Type.

  2. Enter the Asset Name, and click Create Asset Type.

  3. UniLogic shows the Asset type settings.
    Under Subscription, you can edit the Tags timer interval option to match your application needs. The interval determines the frequency at which data syncs to UniCloud. (Note that you can also use a Ladder element, Sync to Cloud, to force data to be synced without regard to this Tags timer interval.)
    UniLogic estimates the Expected Monthly Number of tag updates according to your selections; and recommends the subscription plan you need; if you make changes in your project, UniLogic automatically updates the estimation.

Adding Tags and Alarms to the UniStream Asset Type

  1. Tags: in the Solution Explorer, click UniCloud>AssetType>Tags, and then click Add Tag.

  2. Click in the fields to select the tags; you can select individual tags or an entire struct.
    Note that you can select Access Levels: Read only or Read/Write.
    Usage count is the total amount of bytes in the selected tags; the usage count is the basis for calculating your subscription needs.

  3. As you add tags, UniLogic estimates the Expected Monthly Number of tag updates according to the Timer Interval and the tags you select, and recommends the subscription plan you need.

  4. Alarms: in the Solution Explorer, click UniCloud>AssetType>Alarms, and then click Enable Alarms for Cloud.

  5. Check the Alarms you want to access via UniCloud, or select the entire Alarm group.
    Note that the Alarm state is pushed to UniCloud when an alarm turns on and when it is reset.

Enabling Remote Access directly from UniCloud to the Asset's UniStream PLC

  1. In the Solution Explorer, click UniCloud>AssetType>Remote Access, and then click Remote Access Control Enabled.


Sync the Asset Type

  1. Click Sync Asset Type in order to upload it to UniCloud.

  2. Download your project to the PLC.

Create an Asset and Load a PLC Security Certificate using UniApps

  1. Enter UniApps:
    -via VNC - click the cursor on the  upper right corner of the HMI and hold the mouse button down until the UniApps popop menu appears.
    -via touchpanel - touch upper right corner of the HMI panel and maintain contact until the UniApps popop menu appears.

  2. Select the Network tab, and press the arrow on the right side of the screen to access and select UniCloud

  3. Select Activate UniCloud, and then select Create Asset in UniCloud.

  4. Log in: enter your user name and password, then press Apply.

  5. The Create Asset window opens.
    Note that Organization and Asset Type have been downloaded/synced from UniLogic; you cannot edit them.
    Fill in the Asset Name and click OK.


  6. When the Asset is created successfully, click Close.
    Note that during this process, a security certificate is loaded into the PLC; this process occurs transparently, without your intervention.

  7. Click on Asset > Start sending data. This connects UniStream to UniCloud; successful connection is shown when the Change Status message, shown below, is displayed.
    The communication status is now shown as Connected; UniCloud can now access the Asset and harvest data.