UCR Routers: Creating and Connecting Assets

UniCloud accesses Vision Enhanced, and Samba  controllers via a secure connection with a Unitronics UCR router.

In this case, you create the Asset Type in the router itself. The tags you add here are the memory operands and alarms you want UniCloud to access. Note that you make no changes at all to any aspect of the controller’s program—you do not have to allow for any type of backwards compatibility. This means that you can access any machine run by Vision Enhanced, and Samba controllers, that can connect to Ethernet.

Using your browser, access the Router:

1.     Sign into your UniCloud organization, select a PLC, and create the Asset type.

2.     Add tags and alarms. You can choose to access them when you build your Dashboards in UniCloud.

3.     Sync and save the Asset Type.

In UniCloud, you:

1.     Add an Asset, select the Asset Type, enter the PLC serial number, and validate it.

2.     Link the PLC to the router by entering the router serial number.

3.     Download the Asset Certificate from UniCloud to your PC, then upload it to the router.

You can now include this PLC in a UniCloud Dashboard.



Creating an Asset Type in the Router

1.     Using your browser, access your router via its IP address; the default is 

2.     Select Services>UniCloud.

3.     Log in to your organization: enter the email address of the organization and password, then click Connect.

4.     After you have successfully logged in, if you have more than one organization, click the Organization drop-down and make your selection, then click Save. When you successfully sign into the organization, the router displays the ‘Organization IDs successfully acquired message) at the bottom of the screen.

5.     Select the PLC tab.

6.     Under New PLC, enter the PLC name, and click Add.


7.        Enter the PLC’s details and click Save; the PLC will be added to the configured PLCs list.
You can always return and delete or change its settings.
You will be able to apply this Asset Type to any controller of the model that you define here.
Note that:

·          The serial number of the PLC is the number on the sticker on the PLC itself.

·          The port you define here must be the port that is accessible in the PLC; ensure that the PLC IP address is in the Router address range.

·          Enter the port number of a socket that is configured to TCP slave. (for example, Socket 1 default is 20256 TCP slave).

·          To enable other connections to the PLC such as Download/Upload/Online/Remote Access, enable external requests. It is recommended that you use another port for this purpose, socket set in the PLC to TCP Slave.

·          The router UCR –B8 enables you connect a PLC to the router using RS232 or USB. In this case, you can select the Serial connection communication method.

Creating the Asset Type, Adding Tags and Alarms

1.     To create a new Asset Type, select the Assets tab, then enter the Asset Type Name and click Add.

Note that if Asset Types have already been configured, you can click Details to edit it, and/or to link it to a PLC.

Adding Tags

1.     Under the Assets tab, select Add new Tag. Enter the tag Name, an Alias and Description if desired.

2.     Select the operand Data Type and Address.

3.     When you are done adding tags, you can click Save, or Sync and Save UniCloud.
Note that if you select Save, the tags are not part of the Asset type until you Sync them.
When Sync is successful, a success message is displayed at the bottom of the window.

After you Sync the Asset type, it will be listed in UniCloud under Device Management.

Adding Alarms

1.     Under the Assets tab, select Add new Tag.

2.     Note that the Alarms you set here are not connected to any Alarms that may exist in the controller project. These are operands whose Severity can be displayed in a UniCloud Dashboard.
Select operands and addresses and assign severity as desired.

3.     When you are done, click Save to return to the Assets screen.


4.     You can either save, or Sync and Save your work.
You must Sync to UniCloud in order to use the Asset type in your Dashboards.


UCR Routers - Create an Asset and Load a PLC Security Certificate

1.     In UniCloud, under Device Management, select add a new Asset.

2.     Under Asset Type, click the drop-down arrow and make your selection, then enter the PLC Serial number and click Validate.

3.     The New Asset window opens; enter the Asset Name and, if desired, the Asset Serial Number. Note that Asset Serial Number is not mandatory; it is intended to allow you to enter a serial number for your machine.

Enter the router serial number.

4.     Click Validate, then click Save; the Download Certificate window opens.

5.     Click Download to save the certificate to your PC.

6.     Return to the router and upload the certificate.

The router notifies you if the upload is successful.


In Device Management, the Asset is connected. However, note that the status in UniCloud will remain ‘Available’, until the first data transmission or Alarm update. If data transmission the status changes to Connected, if a change in Alarm status, the status will be shown.


UCR Routers - Enabling Remote Access

1.        To enable Remote Access to the Unitronics PLCs that are connected to the router, click the Remote access tab and check the Enable checkbox.


UCR Router Access via Web


After a router is added to UniCLoud, Device Managers and Admins can  also access the UCR interface by clicking the Web button in Device Management>Routers Management.


GPS and Location

You can view the GPS location of your controllers. In addition to being connected to a router, Location must be enabled in the Asset Type, whether for UniStream, other Unitronics controllers, or Modbus devices.  

When the Asset is online and enabled for Location, you can control whether or not UniCloud reports the Latitude and Longitude  via the slider button Support GPS locations.


UCR Router Configuration

In the Router settings, open Services> > GPS> General. Under GPS Configuration, check the Enabled checkbox.

To see the router coordinates, click the Map tab.

UniStream controllers

If a UniStream project is configured for router connection, GPS location can be enabled in the UniLogic Asset Type.

If the controller connects to UniCloud via B8 router, UniCloud can provide latitude and longitude.


UCR Asset Types

Check the Support GPS Positioning checkbox