Routers and Router Management

Unitronics Routers provide a secure interface between UniCloud and Vision Enhanced,and  Samba controllers.

After you set the router up for UniCloud, in addition to using it as a regular router, you can:

How to set up your Unitronics Router for UniCloud

To set up the router:

1.     Open your browser and access it using the default credentials:
Username: Admin
Password: Admin

2.     The router will request that you set a new administrator password; you must do so to continue.


1.     Follow the router’s startup guide; and configure relevant setting for Time Zone, Mobile, LAN, and Wireless; enable Wi-Fi if the router is to connect to your office Wi-Fi network (Note that Unitronics PLCs cannot connect over Wi-Fi. Only the router can connect to the office Wi-Fi network]

2.     Follow the router’s startup guide: configure any relevant settings for Time Zone, Mobile, LAN, and Wireless for WiFi.


3.     Navigate to Network > WAN. The WAN setting is how the router will access the Internet.
There are three options including wired, mobile and Wi-Fi.

4.     This example uses the Wi-Fi of an office network to connect to the Internet.
Select Wi-Fi and Save.

5.     Select Scan; join the relevant network.

6.     Enter and save the Wi-Fi Password.
The next image shows that the router now has access to the Internet using the office network.

7.     Any Unitronics devices connecting to the router, such as Vision or Samba controllers, can connect to the LAN ports of the router and will have compatible IP addresses with the router’s LAN network.


UCR Router Access via Web


After a router is added to UniCLoud, Device Managers and Admins can  also access the UCR interface by clicking the Web button in Device Management>Routers Management.