My Account

My Account contains tabs that enable you to access:


My Details & Company Details

The details you entered when creating your organization cannot be edited, except for the Time Zone Setting.

Regional Settings

You can edit Date/Time and CSV Delimiters.

Time and Date can be customized to your location under My Account> Regional Settings.


CSV delimiter: you can select the delimiter character used in the exported files in Table,Alarm, Columns, and line widgets. You can also add and use a character.


License Plans

All of the license plans in your organization may be viewed and managed here.

Subscriptions Tab

Here, you can:


Assigning Subscriptions

Assign subscription to multiple Assets in the same screen, under My Account >License Plans>Available> Assign Button.


Organizational Subscriptions

If you are a Premium customer, your subscription will be listed here.
Note that you can also purchase separate SMS subscriptions in addition to what is provided in your subscription plan.


When you click on Organizational Subscriptions, you can click Subscriptions to view the relevant  information regarding your organization, and Usage, to see the status of your SMS use.

Display Settings

You can preview your changes; they will not take effect until you click Publish. Settings include:

The next options are available  only to Premium Customers.



You can add languages, export language strings, edit them and upload.