Guide to UniCloud Subscriptions

This guide provides the details you need to purchase, update, and activate your UniCloud subscriptions.

Note that information regarding subscription may be changed from time to time; updated information is available from your UniCloud point of purchase.

What is a UniCloud Subscription?

A UniCloud subscription is for a single Asset, and comprises:

When you first create an Asset by linking it to an Asset type and connecting it to a PLC, your Asset runs using the trial Evaluation subscription. Evaluation subscriptions are fully functional; you can create dashboards, harvest data, and use UniCloud to remotely access the Asset.

There are different Subscription levels available, Startup, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Enterprise. A trial Evaluation subscription is for the Advanced level.

UniStream 'Cloud' controllers are supplied with an embedded Start-up subscription.
Updated information and additional details regarding are located here:

When you assign a subscription to an Asset in your organization, you activate the subscription and UniCloud can begin harvesting data from the Assets PLC.


Estimating Requirements

The next table shows the data harvesting that is offered for each level.

During the evaluation period, you decide how many tags you will update and the update frequency. This enables you to estimate the total number of tag updates you require, and determine which subscription level is right for your needs according to the  subscription page.

You can assign a purchased subscription to an Asset at any point during the Evaluation subscription period.


# of Tags

Update Frequency

Total # tags per month



5 min




1 min




20 sec




10 sec



If you have special subscription needs, please contact your Unitronics supplier to discuss them, and see if a solution can be specifically tailored to your requirements.


By checking the Asset Type in UniCloud, you can see the Subscription plan that the Asset type requires. Note that you can purchase a higher plan; this is the minimum plan that this Asset type will require.

In the following image, the Pump Asset type has an expected, estimated monthly tag update rate of 56,160. UniCloud therefore recommends a Start-up Subscription plan.

Subscription Purchasing

New Subscriptions

When you wish to purchase a license, please submit the following information to your Unitronics supplier:

Subscription Catalog Numbers



Start-Up 1 month


Start-Up 1 Year


Start-Up 3 Years


Start-Up 5 Years


Basic 1 month


Basic 1 Year


Basic 3 Years


Basic 5 Years


Intermediate 1 month


Intermediate 1 Year


Intermediate 3 Years


Intermediate 5 Years


Advanced 1 month


Advanced 1 Year


Advanced 3 Years


Advanced 5 Years


Subscription Upgrade Purchase

Ordering Info: If you wish to upgrade an existing subscription, send the following information to your supplier:

Upgrade Pricing: The cost of the upgrade will be calculated based on the price difference between the two subscriptions and the current subscription usage.


Upgrade Catalog Numbers

Upgrade Catalog Numbers



Upgrade to Basic 1 month


Upgrade to Basic 1 Year


Upgrade to Basic 3 Years


Upgrade to Basic 5 Years


Upgrade to Intermediate 1 month


Upgrade to Intermediate 1 Year


Upgrade to Intermediate 3 Years


Upgrade to Intermediate 5 Years


Upgrade to Advanced 1 month


Upgrade to Advanced 1 Year


Upgrade to Advanced 3 Years


Upgrade to Advanced 5 Years


Premium Customer Branding

Premium Customers can brand their UniCloud solution. This enables you to customize your dashboards with your brand. In addition to the free customization options of Regional Settings such as Date, Time, CSV Delimiters, Logo and Dashboard colors, Premium Customers gain additional customization options such as:

You only need to order this once; once you are a Premium Customer, you can brand your UniCloud solution throughout its lifetime.

To purchase branding, contact your Unitronics supplier and request the following catalog number:

Premium Customer Catalog Numbers

Catalog Number




UniCloud Solution Lifetime Branding



Subscription Delivery

New Subscriptions:

After purchase, the subscription will be automatically assigned to your Machine Builder UniCloud account, and will be available for you to assign to one of your Assets, as specified in the section Subscription Activation (Assigning a Subscription to an Asset) below.

Subscription Upgrades: 

After purchase, the data plan and features will be automatically assigned to the upgraded subscription.

Premium Customer Branding:

After purchase, the subscription will be automatically assigned to your account.


Subscription Activation (Assigning a Subscription to an Asset)

This section shows you how to assign a subscription to an Asset in your organization.

After you purchase a Subscription that supports your Asset's requirements, you can assign the UniCloud license to a UniStream, Vision, or Samba controller.



f the Asset is connected to a UniStream C Series controller – no is action required, since the subscription is embedded in the PLC, activation/assignment is automatic.


Licenses are transferrable between Assets; you can remove a License from one Asset and assign it to another.



These Subscriptions are not transferrable:

  • The embedded subscription that is supplied with UniStream C Series controllers.

  • Trial Evaluation subscriptions.



Assigning a New Subscription Purchase

You can assign a subscription either directly in Assets Management, or within the Asset’s details as shown below:

  1. Select the Asset, either:

o     Directly in Asset Management: in Device Management> Assets Management> Assets tab, in the Assets List, click the Assign button to open the list of available Subscriptions.

o     Click the Asset to open its details, then click the Subscriptions tab
Click the Assign text and open the subscription.

  1. Click Assign next to the appropriate plan to link the Subscription to the Asset.

If there is no Subscription available, you will see the following message:

  1. Click to confirm the assignment.

  1. Check the subscription assignment: open the Asset's details by selecting the Asset in Device Management> Assets Management>Assets, and then select the Subscription tab.

Subscriptions not Available

Why is a ‘no available subscriptions’ message displayed although subscriptions were purchased?

This may be because:

Removing Subscriptions

You can remove a subscription from an Asset, making it available to assign/transfer to another Asset.

  1. Open the Asset's details by selecting the Asset in Device Management> Assets Management>Assets, and then select the Subscription tab, then click Remove.

  2. Remove Subscription opens, click Confirm.

  3. Confirm Remove Subscription opens, click Confirm.

  4. The Subscription is removed. You can click Assign to assign another subscription to the Asset.


Subscription Types, Status, and Expiry

The Asset subscription type, current status, and the end date of the subscription are listed under Device Management > Assets. 


The next table shows the types of subscriptions.

Subscription type



This is a fully functional trial period, intended to give users the opportunity to explore the power of UniCloud. It is limited by the time period stated with the evaluation offer.


This means that a subscription has been purchased and activated for the asset.

About to Expire

Two weeks before expiry, the subscription is marked ‘About to Expire’. All features remain functional, and asset data are accessible.

The End Date column shows the date of expiry.

Expired - Grace

When the expiration date arrives, the subscription is marked ‘Expired - Grace’. This ‘grace’ period is two weeks long, during which all features remain fully functional, and asset data are accessible.

The End Date column shows the date on which the  subscription expired.

When the grace period is over, the subscription is marked Expired,


From this date, the Asset data will not be available, and cannot be viewed from UniCloud dashboards

Subscription Expiry

Email notifications regarding expiration will be sent automatically according to the following schedule:

Note: The notification timing may be changed in the future.


UniStream 'Cloud' C-Series Controllers

These controllers are marketed as 'Cloud-inside' controllers. This means that they are embedded with a UniCloud Start-up Subscription; after you have downloaded your UniLogic program including your UniCloud configuration and connect it to UniCloud, the PLC's UniCloud Subscription Status is displayed as Active, as shown in the next image.

Note that an embedded license may be upgraded but cannot be transferred to another UniStream or any other controller.

Any UniStream controller can be ordered as a 'C' series model.